Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 56 With Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 56 With Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 56 With Hindi Subtitles I’m glad you think so, Lena. You know in this camp, I considered you a brother that’s how I loved you. Would not I know? You took my hand after I got married. You taught me how to be a gentleman lady. Without you What about Bala? Have you met Bala? We are. Her essence word is like a a hot chick. It is. He has a pure heart. Ertuğrul Bey must have trusted him as well he commissioned him to question me secretly. He treats me well.

But I can see from his eyes that he doesn’t trust you.

He suspects that I have anything to do with what happened to Osman Bey. What about you you Lena what do you think? Your brother, Yavlak Arslan is a great gentleman strong too. Even if he makes a calculation and plays tricks on Osman Bey, I know you wouldn’t allow it. Thanks. Sade not my brother they set a trap for Ertuğrul Bey as well. The prosecutor listens to you. Tell him to keep his eyes peeled.

Betrayal will flow like pus in this land. God help us all.

Not a single arrow will go to waste. There is an ambush, there is an ambush. Still no news? Don’t worry, Nikola. We will have the weapons and ammunition to finish off the Turks . These lands are very hot Flatyos. A lot indeed. They won’t leave it with you. You will pay for this. Who are you? End your life. There’s no need to yell when your death is so close. Today is your lucky day. I have no information to take from you. Your death will be swift for him. While we were waiting for gold, this came out. This is not yellow black gold.


What is the situation? My cook is deaf, he can’t hear what he is saying,

speak freely. Yavlak Arslan’s man trapped Osman. In Ertuğrul Bey Yavlak Arslan’s band was raided by himself. Young Lion is a jackal but he doesn’t do that. Who got trapped? Why did he take it? I want to know right away. On the head. Has the flying fire arrived? On the way, Nikola is about to arrive. As Caesar said to the fools who brought us victory. Don’t come close. Stay away. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. My grandchildren are Baykoca Aydoğdu, when will they come, Lena Girl?

My Prosecutor left them in Sinop, father.

He wanted them to stay and learn how to trade in ships. My prosecutor, as always measured made the right decision. Sir we were worried when we couldn’t see you. What does Yavlak Arslan say to these people? Is there a destur, sir? Come on son. Welcome son. I hope you came with good information. They stack this ammunition in the castle, sir. What is this? The Mongols had brought it from China. They call it flying fire. They used a lot of this powder when they bought Nice Castle.

So Nikola wants to seize the castles we have conquered with this dust.

Let me let me go into the castle tonight and get that dog, Dad. Nikola is not something to be taken lightly, son. One of the smartest demons I’ve ever met. Every step he takes is the result of a dirty calculation. We can’t be idle like this, sir. We will wait for Osman. Are we missing a pusat in our hands, father we wait for Osman. The pusat who knows how to stay in its sheath will be sharp, Prosecutor. If Osman is your brother he is my son too. If I tell you patience that’s what we need. Did you understand?

You heard what Mr. Prosecutor said, right?

There is nothing he won’t do for his brother Osman. I know that Osman would have done the same for the Prosecutor. Bala Both Osman and the Prosecutor die for their loved ones. For their enemies they are death itself. Those who betray Osman Bey will find their troubles at his hands. Now ..our task is clear. It is to turn pain into honey to take over our duty. First, settle down in your tent. Does the brain allow you to look so hard at me? Do you want me to cut your tongue, Raven dog?

You can’t even drink water without command from your brain. Göktuğ Göktuğ calm down brother.. ..calm down. What do you think bro? I think of my father, brother. First the longing warms up inside me then holds a place in my eyes, in my mind. The thing called separation is for vuslat bro. Thank God our father is waiting for us in the camp.

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