Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 58 With Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 58 With Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 58 With Hindi Subtitles I have work to do. With your permission. I was going to talk about Nikola, brother. I have your ear bro. He is not behind the trap set for me. I wanted you to know. You talk like you don’t know about the ammunition incident, brother. They would burn the whole place down. He’s the one who bought Yavlak Arslan’s aide and set the trap for you. I wouldn’t say that Nikola’s intentions are pure. But Laughter Arslan’s aide there are others behind Kuzgun. Why would you tell me this? You are the alpine head.

I said take action. Will you advise me, Osman?

Estagfurullah brother. Osman look at my brother. Yiğitsin ..cengaversin but everything that goes through your mind is not correct. Last year oba went through all kinds of hardships. With Emm Dayd, you couldn’t act with my brother. You’ve been on your head they’ve been tricked by the enemy. What is right bro? We came to the other oba. You won’t be as stubborn as last year nor will we let the enemy play tricks on us. If it wasn’t for my struggle last year we wouldn’t be talking in this room today, brother.

Yesterday is yesterday today is today.

From now on, everyone will know their limits. It will be stopped when it is said to stop it will be walked when told to walk, Osman. Who will decide that, brother? As my father Ertuğrul and as your older brother me. You’ve gotten used to my father’s office well. The post suits you very well very well. Don’t don’t accuse me. We don’t have eyes on the post, evelallah. What I see and hear is enough for me. Both the post and the office had a lot of fans. Those who sat greedily was up in frustration. Come on coke. Hands off, brother.


Take your word back. Hands off, brother. Osman, I will not say it again.

I said take your hand, brother. Please don’t hit me again. Limitless! Take back your word. I did nothing to take back my word. What happened here? mongke Möngke, what happened to Möngke? mongke How could you not deal with a man alone, Kuzgun? How? There were ten men with him. The best warriors were at his service. Osman Osman is a devil sir. Devil huh. Incompetent bastard. What will I say to my father, Arslan? Osman will give us more than we ask for. How? mongke What happened to Möngke? Talk. Sir it is important to come. Raven. Be cautious. They cut your account, push it.

They sent you greetings too, sir. The sender of his greeting also left his mark.

Let’s see. Trap! Osman is he dead? Let’s say his body is even more valuable. What about the Raven? As it should be ..died. But his death will give us more than Osman. You have one more job left. What? You will go to Konya to Geyhatu. It’s worse than killing me. Don’t worry. He will crown you. You will tell Geyhatu what happened to your son. What happened to Möngke? Osman killed the Nökers and took his son prisoner. Who knows maybe he killed it and fed the wolf to the bird.

While you to Konya, to Geyhatu I am going to visit this old wolf.

Mister are you okay? Are you okay sir? Are you okay sir? Mister are you okay? I am good. Any trace of ammunition? We’re looking everywhere, sir. There is no trace around. The ground was split and they entered. They removed arrows from the corpses. They didn’t want to leave a trace. The Turks. Springs that will open these holes on corpses only Turks have. How did they learn? There is a traitor in Inegol Castle. You spilled it again, Master Ariton. It smells like everywhere. My dear father. Eftelya come on.

Tekfur Nikola waits for his meal. The newcomer tekfur is meticulous.

She finds herself a bit too. We shouldn’t draw attention. Great Caesar I’ve been working day and night since I took office. First, I restored the faith of my disgraced people in me. In other words, these self-sacrificing people who founded the whole of Rome have become miserable because of their incompetent rulers . I will raise a new army. It will be such that it will take us back to the gates of Jerusalem. So that’s it. This is what the Mongols, the Chinese call flying fire.

I wish we could defuse every calamity with this, nephew.

Keep your eyes open, emmi. Nikola has already learned about the fate of the ammunition. He won’t let go. I’ll take the necessary precautions, don’t you worry. Be careful, emmi. Don’t let them approach you with fire. I say oh my. You’re welcome, nephew. You got us all out of big trouble. be there. If this ammunition had been in Nikola’s hands Nikola Caesar awaits his salute, Flatyos. Great Caesar. Dear friend is the flying fire put on the pen? The Turks they took the ammunition away. Ertugrul.

A strong and wise enemy makes us stronger.

Where did they take it? to Söğüt. Then the sun must rise at night on Söğüt. The lights of heaven will surround all sides. What about the plague that I planted in its seeds? Religion destroys everyone without listening to faith. I suspect the plague, sir. Is it the plague? What do you think? The whole Willow is broken. This one was missing. My Lord My Lord, do not let us put us in trouble.

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