Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 59 With Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 59 With Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 59 With Hindi Subtitles Selamunaleyküm. And aleykükum my brother. Of course come. We mustn’t get used to losing being hit, Flatyos. While our people hoped for us we disappointed them. I will take such revenge on the Turks that they will never be able to take anything from us again. Handle it without a trace. Let’s not spoil the peace game we played with Ertuğrul. For now. Don’t worry. You’ll go to that slimy Dundar with a stone to your bosom. I did not smile in this world. At least my brother my service to Obama.

Your sacrifice will bring peace to the nomads. Hopefully.

If we pass our word thanks to Kayı Obası, we will consolidate our power. Rest in peace, my brother. Ertuğrul is on his deathbed. That’s why we will not leave Kayı Obası empty. I am willing to pay any price for it. Kayı’s power will either be ours or it will be ours. Our Ertuğrul Bey invites you, Hazal Hatun. Come on, braves. Who will win? My Ahmet it’s not like that, you should shake it from your arm. oh my god! My lions. Go ahead. Is there a destur, sir? come on. Little alps heavy children. Well, everyone who cooks in my Ertuğrul Bey’s tent,

on the stove will be good sir. Estagfurullah.

Let them remember it well. Are you angry with me? I’m offended let’s say. You be offended by your wife. He left you and went to Söğüt. Since Dundar has left me so many times his disloyalty will not hurt me. Hey there! oh my god! My Ahmet is victorious. Since the Mongolian came the currency has lost its value. I hope you will be able to print your own currency. Hopefully. Now do some compass drills. Hazal Hatun I wished Ertuğrul Bey would even touch his own family when he had a disease.


Let the people know that they do not deviate from the tradition.

I was the victim I was that time. Let’s say you became the Ismaili surrender. Now you are free. Thanks. But the way your brother went is not the way. Either his door doesn’t lock or he doesn’t stay smart. I love you, you know. Keep an eye on your brother. Warn her as her sister. What should I say to my brother? But if there is a mistake if there is a defect I would like to know. If he says stop to his ambition everything is over. Thanks bro. You have a great deal, sir. Bone broth bro gives strength.

I have been a burden to you. But the fierce enemy came out.

This game has a connection with my father’s coming to the camp. Like what sir? Their goal was to destroy me. They eyed Oba. Selamunaleykum alps. Aleykum salam. Have a blessed night. Welcome, Kumral Abdal. Here you go. You made our night happy. Big brother is a friend of the heart. I will tell you at length. You are welcome. But you’re worried, son. The mystery is not solved. Is it easy for the secret to be revealed? My problem is not the multiplicity of the enemy. The valiant has many enemies.

But they wanted to separate me from my father.

They also know that my father will come to the camp. There is knowing in knowing. Solomon also knew bird language. He ruled over ten lands. The Taifei were at the jinn’s command. What happened? Like every mortal, he had to fly. Repent, repent. Lovers don’t die, son. I’ll tell you what it is. While that Great Suleiman, who ruled the jinn, the birds, the people, the wind King of ants “Scatter, disperse Suleyman’s army will crush us.” He heard this cry while the heavens and earth were moaning. “Don’t crush me and my brothers,” he said.

Doesn’t Süleyman hear this cry? Doesn’t Suleyman take care of the ant’s rights?

That’s Big Süleyman Yiğit Süleyman who cares about the rights of even the ants changed the path of the huge army. He even gave the ant his due. The power is that who is always on the side of justice. Strength to your wrist too. Oh, alps oh you must not forget who the force came from why it came. Always be conscious to hear even the ant’s voice. Amine. Lovers don’t die. Lovers don’t die. The voice of the ant the name of the nightingale, the roar of the streams, the neighing of the horses It is from God. Whoever hurts the soul has hurt the right. Bless your heart, Kumral Abdal. It was such a quiet such a peaceful night.

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