Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 62 With Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 62 With Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 62 With Hindi Subtitles Thanks to friends. I came. It got me in trouble. They want to make us hurt each other. Is the devil’s game over? It will continue until the end of the world. Raven did you find any traces of that raven dog? I sent all my alps after that dog. His head was in the Mongol headquarters. But somebody erased the tracks. They delete Osman, they delete it. Those who set the trap will also erase the traces. But nothing caught your eye?

Did anything stick? Gentlemen neither the devil will stand idly by nor the righteous.

Arslan you came you said you have no information. We believed in you. be there. Not Osman’s . be there. My way is long. Allow me. Osman. Osman. I’m Bala. You weren’t there, I’m gone. I came back to my life. Wing of my heart. My tongue was halal. It burned dear. My hope was you. What’s wrong with you? Bring a bowl. Bring a bowl. There is no water, Dumrul brother. You still couldn’t pack. You can help a thousand words. Boran brother. Come on come on. I have some work to do, brothers.

I’ll take care of it before it goes into trouble. Brother do everything to us, but don’t do this. It does not run away from us. What should I not do, what will not escape? Don’t make fools of us. If Osman Bey comes out what is it, are you going to the wedding what would you say? What will you say? There is a method, there is a man. Even if the chickens in the camp see it, they will understand why they are going on a journey. What did Bamsı Bey say? You will not leave a trace. Thank you, you are right, brothers. Thanks. Cheers brothers. Prosecutor Brother also returned.


Do you really think, my Bala?

We got into our own troubles and even forgot our brother. How many years since you’ve seen? I haven’t seen my brother for a long time. My father had sent him to the Crimea last. Thanks to Lena she took our load. Does it take or not? Thank God very much. Thankfully, our family is reunited. By the way alpine Boran is in love with Gonca. Then you should say to your comrade don’t sneeze like you don’t make my Boran miserable. We are ahi daughters. Is it easy to conquer our hearts, Osman Bey? Well, I am more experienced than you. I will tell my Boran the precautions he should take. I’ve already trained Gonca how to ambush.

Selamun aleykum. Aleykum salam. was that you? We enjoyed it. She was stubborn she won’t give milk. It means you can’t get it. Gee! Come then. you get it. Come on! I don’t. This is the job of the lady. Well, then you won’t be talking about it. What if I do are you up for a horse race? You won’t be able to anyway. Here you go. Don’t embarrass me, I love your eyes. Come on, bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Oh my god! Oh my god! Thanks. We have a race in Yeşilpınar. come on. My brother. Brother. Oh my god! I am my lion. It had been a good time. Thanks God. Thank you. Who set up the ambush? We couldn’t find a trace, brother.

You went hunting and came back without a trace?

This is hunting brother. We returned unfortunate. I’m going to expose you, one by one, who set this ambush and those who played tricks on us. I hope brother I hope so. Well it was raided in Söğüt. Nikola took his revenge when he thought of the idiot. But I will give him the real hell. I wonder what’s on your mind, brother. I want to help. You should have rested. Don’t be preoccupied with these matters. Your older brother came to the camp. Enjoy yourself. What do you mean, big brother? Aren’t we for each other?

You’re road tired bro. If I say don’t worry, don’t worry.

Oh right! There is an enemy before us. What laziness is this? What is this frailty? Get up. Attack. If you fall, the army falls. Get up. One for all of you all for one of you. If you fall, you die. If you die, our army will be destroyed. Come on. Come on. You are welcome, sir. For an army, love is as important as order, Göktuğ. Do you know for what? For Cenk, sir. No. For the commander.

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