Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 63 With Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 63 With Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 63 With Hindi Subtitles They are not a Mongol army informal you are not a Mongolian army. Please don’t forget. Thank you sir. be there. I will prepare you an army that loves martyrdom. There will be such an army that will bring the Turkish-Islamic order to the whole world. Osman Bey I’ll take care of the rest. You mind your business. Those who drink here, sir. Thank you Zulfikar Dervish. Sir what makes you think like that? I’m suffocating, my Bala The enemy is strong. We must become stronger. It is necessary to make the army stronger.

By Allah’s leave, if my brother Gündüz is appointed to Kulucahisar

if the task of the army’s recovery is given to me that’s when Is there a Destur, Osman Bey? I’m here, sir. What does Destur mean, sir? You’ve come to my head. You are the master of every place where your wife is, son. Surely it will be taken. Here you go dad. The table is ready, Ertugrul Bey. Don’t be missing, girl. With your permission. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Let’s see, Osman Bey what is the condition of the tribe? The tree leaf sheep’s lamb is brother satisfied with his brother?

The fruit of the tree the milk of the sheep my brother is happy with his brother,

my father. Thank god. So, what is the condition of our alps? Our Alps are warriors. Each of them soon became as skilled as a swordsman. Our archers have reached their longest range in the last five years. Our horses are stronger and faster than before. How is our equipment? We have arrows to pierce the armor of the oppressor we have enough ambush for the oppressed. The sharpness of the cue doesn’t play into the enemy’s tricks, son. We’ll get over it with our minds and break their game with our hands,


Dad. But Go ahead though. my lord what is missing is fire.

For many more victories our alps need fire. If you’ll excuse me the task of assembling the army Every alpine the son who will fight for himself first. It is obvious that he will burn his arrogance, even if it is fire, after he cannot overcome his anger. Victory belongs to those who are afraid to oppose Allah. You three look around. You come with me. Enjoy your meal. Drink some of our holy water. Thanks, monk. Today is the best day. To our victory. to the resurgence of Byzantium. Didn’t I tell you not to drink so much. Lena Hatun,

let’s finish these nits quickly. Didn’t anyone tell you? What?

That I I am an Orthodox Christian. No. That’s why I liked Mr. Prosecutor. That’s why I came to Kayı Obası as a bride. It doesn’t matter who is what. How did you meet with my brother prosecutor? in Karacahisar. My Ertugrul Bey before he conquered our castle. My father worked for a wealthy nobleman. He knew earthwork well. He was at his service day and night. One day while he and the seigneur were taking the goods to the city the car overturned with the goods. The seigneur is very angry about this and is cruel to my father.

In the middle of the road she brutally tortures my father.

Sheds the blood of my father, the most compassionate person in the world . Until my Prosecutor arrives. He came and rescued my father and brought him home. He became my hero too. As my father talked about his valor I fell in love with Mr. Prosecutor. How did you make my brother, the prosecutor, fall in love with yourself? Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.

What kills when we say be with the ninety-nine names of Almighty Allah

who fills our hearts with faith. Guys congratulations to our wedding. Thank you sir. Thanks. Due to the epidemic in Söğüt Dündar Bey entrusted his authority to Gündüz Bey. Suitable. As you command, sir the following are the decisions to be taken. My gentlemen toy assembly mind and heart assembly. We were together on the road. We settled, migrated, conquered we became a thousand. Castles and lands became ours. While all this was happening our black-eyed valiants took their lives died. But we saw and knew that it is not enough for the pusat to be curved.

It has to be sharp in mind. My son Osman don’t be missing. You have kept our tribe away from the Mongolian scourge with both your pusat and your mind.

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