Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 64 With Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 64 With Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 64 With Hindi Subtitles You added important places to our lands. But the essential thing is not to win to preserve this victory. If we are not well organized we are ruined. Thank you sir. The reason for this is I entrust Kulucahisar to my eldest son Gündüz. I’m glad I’m honored. If I betray the trust my life will be sacrificed for the sake of justice. Thank you sir. Thanks. Dündar Bey has been appointed to Söğüt. The plague disease has plagued him. Let no one from Oba reach there. The order is yours, sir. Oban’s alp cap my son Is there a Destur, sir?

Come on son. Brother. Where were you when these men were killed?

Answer me, soldier. Where were you when these men were killed? How did they get into the castle? huh? How did they get into the castle? Answer me. How did they get into the castle? Where was your guard post? huh? Answer me. Get up. Get up. My father died in Karacahisar Castle because of incompetents like you. I will kill all of you. I will kill all of you. Flatyos calm, dear friend. Do not. They were my best men, Nikola.

They died because of incompetence.

Your job is not just to protect this castle these stone walls. You protect our honor our honor our honour . A small mistake by you would be a big mistake for our children’s future . Are you the head of the guards? Yes sir. Didn’t you hear anything? No, sir. Didn’t you see anything? No, sir. Attention I love it. You will see. You will see. I will kill whoever did this with my own hands, Nikola. We will find it, Flatyos we will find it. Revenge has been taken, my father. tooth for tooth blood for blood. Gentlemen we will take a thousand lives for one. My brother comes from the expedition. What time is this? Let’s know so we can share in your joy.


We destroyed Nikola’s men who raided us in Söğüt. Except for Flatyos.

thank you. Blessed be Gazan, brother. Be there bro. May you exist, Mr. Prosecutor. You were born like the sun. My gentlemen I entrust the alpine cap of our tribe to my son, the Prosecutor. God forbid, sir. Amine. Good luck bro. Be there bro. After the toy, I would like to get information about the alps. My head is on my eyes. Amine. O Lord you make our tribes our nation victorious. Amine. Do not leave us alone with our arrogance. Amine. Amine. Al Fatiha. Brother Big brother. you are welcome.

Thanks. My brother. Brother. Come with me, Prosecutor.

Not being able to be with my brother Argun Han when he died would make me sad deeply. But now I see with my own eyes how he will die in agony with my own eyes. What else is that, sir? Stop tell me. More, tell me. Tell me, [ __ ]. The poison days later will shatter his body as if a thousand thorns had swallowed it. Like this rebellious Turkish gentleman the blood will come out of his eyes first. His skin will flake off. As it falls, its bones will show. But he will not die. Beautiful. My brother’s death should not be as easy as this Turk . It should take months maybe years.

His death must be slow and painful until I draw the congress gentlemen one by one to my side .

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