Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 68 In Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 78 In Hindi SubtitlesKurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 68 In Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 68 In Hindi Subtitles At most I will know, not Usman. So let’s go, take my soul. Really؟ You will not take away anything from me. Right on the way, falling on the ground. As a reward, heaven will be found, Nicola. You won’t take away anything from me. No one can spoil the people with the help of the people. Your intention was to play with my nerves, to kill yourself. That is, if you want to sacrifice your life to save Anagol.

No, your bravery makes any difference, nor will I surrender

to my anger. You will live or die, get anagol and stay. I will not live or die, I will not hand over the enagol. We were all the mother. I was the mother of the whole tribe. She loved you too, Hologue. I loved that too. And you guys too. I love you all. You are very different. What is different؟ Come on, tell me. Everything of you. Your mortgage spree, the place of rest. And then, the lake of the tribe, the tents. Of course, children will not feel themselves in the cage here. Sweet daughter!

Don’t feel in a cage anywhere from now on.

Because that fort is a land for you. So after now you won’t go there. Let’s Aladdinuddin! Don’t think so much. All your work is done in haste ( haste, just be patient. I have to think about my campaign, right. No, the right campaign should take the first moment. You have to cut off the enemy’s breath without wasting time. You’re right in terms of war, brother John. Mager is a loss to take the initiative in this game. I beat you, then see what is the cause of the damage. Aladdinuddin! In Aznick, in Bursa..


Do you play these games in Constantinople too

do not know. Mager Hologfira will know. Her aunt is a resident there. Right you are saying brother! Hologfira will know. How do you think she’s going؟ Constantinople. Brother! I’ll go there one day. Attacking here is not wise.. We have been hearing for a time that Nicola has strengthened the defense of the fort walls. Right, dirty sir. But that’s the short way to go to the fort. If we try to break the walls from one place, we will be besieged.. There will be heavy damage. Sahib Gandoz! The position of the Torgot sir is fine.. Reducing losses is a top priority. If needed,

we could fight for weeks under the rocks of the wall.

But I don’t know what to deal with inside. I’m saying: it’s not wise, Conor. But I did not call it impossible. First come to Usman. See what their position is. Be careful! Usman Sahib ( is bringing about the structure ). Hello! -Olicom pb! -Olicom pb! We are the mulkif of jihad. Not of victory. Migram and thank God Almighty. He made victory our ally.. The catjik fortress is ours. But now our goal is Enagol. Nicola is in our possession.. Protects more castles than his life.. He will make his possible effort to not be exchanged. We will besiege the fort. We will besiege the fort, Ghazor.

In some way, the routes that come there will be cut off,

by the command of Allah. But. We don’t have fun to flourish.. Nor door breakers (neze ). Holy! This siege will be long and very difficult. Also! We will be the victims of the attacks of the forces of the emperor and other commandors. Of course, we will stop reinforcements ( aid equipment and army ). But if everyone came to war. So we will try our best, we will be open. It will be just like you said. We will close the way to the fort. And in all four directions, the guards will be deployed.

Anagol will not be able to get any help.

We will do it all in a very short time. This matter will end in one day. The letter they broke and burned. Manjaniqs and swords are made there. But this is not where they are. We hid the reserves with Jerkotai’s trade. And brought the reserves to the main point of Anagol. The stairs are here. Manjaniqs are here. And care ( Doors breakers are here ).

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 68 In Hindi Subtitles

That is, we have been fighting in Anagol for many years. Mager doesn’t know them anything. I will forgive us, Mr. Usman. When did we have to know it؟ The secret is the burden, sir of Torgot. The secret is burden. Magger.. It will not be understood that I do not believe you.

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