Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 69 In Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 78 In Hindi SubtitlesKurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 69 In Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 69 In Hindi Subtitles Nicola and his men will be also killed. Shabash. Kotan! – Sir! let’s go. Come on, brothers! Come on. Salvi! Passed, passed, Salvi! Was scared, Barkin! Was scared. Passed, thank God, passed, Salvi! Shabash. Mr. Torgot! Nicola! Soldier! Where is Vasilius؟ Margarly. The Turks buried him. Another reason to burn their tribes.

But first I will wait to destroy the Arius tunnels. Mr. Torgot!

Spahio! Thanks! Be safe. The important thing is that you are fine. – Thank God, we’re fine. Thanks, Torgot sir! Thanks. Survived again, Nicola! Survived again. Just a lot. There’s a little time left, so is Torgut! A little bit. Will be done soon. A little left, Nicola. There will be nothing after we leave, Usman. Shabash, attack. Kill everyone. Push everyone into eternal darkness. Shabash.

It’s time to get the fighters to the end Brothers!

Blow them up in the Caucasus winds. Shabash, one by one, they get their teeth, brother. My sword is gone. The infidels are asking for blood. Shabash. Shabash. Where are you running؟ How do you know we’ll come here؟ Where did you know؟ Cowardly dog! Fear to show your face Don’t be afraid of my anger؟ Come on particle. You came to my tent in the jurist’s dress. Sit at the dining table. Became my guest. How did you catch me, how devil dressed in the jurist’s dress.


But I am a wolf in human form Now And now you

are in my grip. This came from Aq Timor, sir! Arius and Commander Romanos have discovered and are going to destroy the tunnels. They want to remove the ammunition so that we can be prevented from the victory of Anagol Castle. Very nice! Very nice! Let’s come. Let them come So that we can see our anger.  Bring you your tribe. Feed food at your table. And you tried to deceive us with the Qur’an.

You Many crimes have been committed That is you.

You were behind the suffering we suffered. Come here. You blew up Swagot, didn’t you؟ Come here. You killed Mari, Omar and Avaz Sahib, didn’t you؟ Come on, particle. That is, you also tried to kill Sheikh Adibali. You. I was about to cause Sheikh Adbili’s death and I treated him. If he is still life then thanks to me. But you have to believe, how did I cheat؟ I betrayed you very skillfully. He blinded you and deceived you. We will always be, and we will erase you. We’ll delete you from the page entity, Usman.

You can only erase yourself You have revealed many

troubles to us in all these years. Rich many conspiracies behind us. But. But never succeed. I have so far taken off the neck of many oppressors. Now look good. Look at the last scene with your eyes. Last scene. It’s time for you to die. Salvi! Welcome sister! Thank God who brought us together the right peace. Thank God, sister! Welcome, Sylvie lady! No know, how to pay your right, especially of Usman Sahib.

What happened that they left Nicola When you and the lives

of the people were in danger, Usman Sahib did not think for a moment. Be safe. I was afraid to return the empty hand tribe. But Usman Sahib left his revenge and the victory of Anagol. And saved you, Salvi. Now my life is indebted to Usman Sahib, may Allah keep them safe. Where are Usman Sahib, not looking؟ Sister! What are the preparations going on in the tribe

There are preparations for victory sister.

Usman Sahib Anagol has gone to the fort. Mashaallah! Neither Usman nor Qai can stop the tribe. We also have to help you. Women from the Cousil B Olu tribe will also come. Let’s come, we all need it. Have the shares from Chuban Panar come from the ( Manjaniq’s )؟ Come on, sir! Have come. Yalanelik, Hajila, Younes Achi.

Bashpinar, Jah Now is the time to remove these

parts of the manjaniques hidden for ten years. In Shallah! Sir. Every piece you will take. The blood of many martyrs is made of sweat. So that the martyrs have their right. We will drop the walls of Anagol Castle, these Shaillah! In Shallah!

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Bolum 70 In Hindi Subtitles

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