Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 72 In Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 78 In Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 72 In Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 72 In Hindi Subtitles And if no one is so courageous. So they stay away  from us. I have heard big stories about this region. Most of them belong to, as the great chief of Usman in his youth, to subdue everyone. Magger is a result of every story. And the story of Usman will be all here. If Usman is over. Usman has chosen this place as his base ( shower ) Commander Romanos.

Wide, safe and attack-free surrounded by four walls.

How will we attack and end it ؟ Do you know what he told me ؟ If the wolf wants to be trapped, you have to be more intelligent. I am more wise than that. Right. This place is safe. That’s why he won’t expect a trap here. Brave Roman Spahio . Blood shed. Land snatching. Mall and Amul Hathane, Usman. It will be here a while later. Her grave is ready ؟ Ready. I have laid a big unparalleled trap in his family . Shabash brothers . Today is the day of jihad. – Always alive by God! – Of the truth of God! Until Usman’s arrival, they will continue to compete . The praises made in Anagol are ready,

Mr. Torgot

To not delay the arrival of confidential information . Are specified in the myth . Thanks . -Boran-Hazor. Close all routes . No caravan could reach the city of Anne. The order that sir. Connor, the soldiers will be set here. The tent will be installed there. The order that is the Holy Prophet. Shabash . Who is this brother؟ My acquaintances are Holy. From the law, Balaban. Came with the ambassador, did not return. I stand with the truth, Holy . I want to live in your unity Holy Prophet. Thanks. Every hearty doors that beat us are open . – Welcome -Thanks Mr. Aali. Just take a look around.


Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 72 In Hindi Subtitles

. Shabash . Wait big wander . Where Have been surrounded, surrender. Comral. The jam of martyrdom is sweet. My heart does not agree to die in this stranger Dear. Stay David Teacher . Maybe before our martyrdom, this place will turn into a homeland. In God. In God . It may be heavy to dream at this age . Everyone will die. And this place will always be in Rome.- The truth of God! Lord! By protecting them . Spahio. -Dhals – Come here.

Have courage . Gare young man. Work with courage.

Look at them so. Romanos. Come on, just come on. Spahio, break. Stay . Who are, where are you coming from ؟ We are coming from Aznick. They have come to hand in the war against the Turks . Public food. Bring medicine to the doctors. You guys will know. News was sent before departure on the trip. Welcome .Will be searched as a precaution. Spahio! Search the vehicles. Get off the car, will be searched. We brought food . The people of Aznek have sent the people of Anne City. Coming from a long journey, no courage is left. We get off if you want . Soldier. That’s the guest from Aznek ؟

Yes sir. Stupid man.

Help comes from those who come to this ؟ Come on, let the cars in. -Let’s go. -Which order sir. Come on, welcome . Let go. We are kind Commander . You guys find Kumral Abdal and the rest. Boran. Allah Akbar. Romanos . We will be imprisoned by the infidels ؟ Like Joseph. If our destination is prison, we are satisfied . The chains of infidels do not stop us. Right of God.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 72 In Hindi Subtitles

Take them. On horses. Where are such running؟ You Turks have grown too much . Come on. Get out of the way . Migris is being martyred on the right path. Ashhad. Spahio, come on . Many people have been martyred. Boran. Were familiar with the way of the temple . This is the path of martyrdom. We are coming back. That’s right, there’s to pray. Shabash women. Ayesha. let’s go.

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