Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 76 In Hindi Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 76 In Hindi Subtitles Then asking, your Usman Sahib, why did you send people؟ Well, don’t tell . Don’t tell me, I’ll be able to figure out in every case. The martyrs are martyred on the path of victory . They are martyred fighting the infidels. Moses and his soldiers . We will always be in our hearts . There were a lot of people with Romanos, Usman Sahib . If you want to go, the Magar Lions preferred to fight. Have a place in heaven . They have set our hearts on fire. We will burn them in the same fire .

Now, Anne will not sit down from China without making the city her own city.

The Islamic flag will not go into the swords without waving there. Holy! According to the order, women have entered the city . Talk first, don’t listen. So we will hear the scorching of our swords. Spahio, now from the mounds of the martyrs, is moving towards his future city. Shabash . Romanos is in the castle and Comral knows the reality of the people . We have to be more careful. So before you do your duty, they have to be saved. Masha Allah Jerkotai . And then, how do you trust؟ When have you seen us walking with your tongue؟ ini City Two, no one will have anything. Okay fine .

Give me some time.

I try to please them all. There is a respite up to tomorrow. Put the whole emphasis. Mager when the conversation is over. So the swords will go out of the sheath. Shabash . He said, “Don’t leave the chase. Look, now it’s not in my fist. Your intentions were to ruin my relationship with the chiefs. Who is this going to happen, Usman Sahib ؟ So you’re the most skilled commandant, yes؟


Expert, very expert.

That’s why this idiot is in our possession! I can also unite with the devil to wipe out the Turks . Don’t worry about the same . I know you want to capture Neqia and Bursa. I should also know . Migram also knows that he will not sit off from China . Now tell me, about the traitor in the tribe. Nicola, I didn’t like much. The two are the same . The head will be cut off. No word will come out of the mugger language. Atab Ahmad, he was allied with it. He was working for you. Understand that this was the case. How will you prove ؟ I have no hurry. Your games will also come out. And traitors will also appear. And your head will be separated from the torso. You will then pray to me to save your life.

This is because of me.

You could not be saved. No found left. Mugar promises. My patient bag. That on the snatcher. And the world will narrow down the one whose hand is involved. First Jebe Dog. Then Usman. Will kill everyone with your hands. I promise you Salvi. I promise . Accept your condolences, Barkin Sahib . Thanks. Women . You were badly introduced. I will forgive . Be sad. Otherwise I know you guys didn’t do anything. I am sorry . Sorry Barkin sir . It happens. Our grief is fresh . Grief is one. Excuse me. What could happen to us, what a mugger. Couldn’t reach. Sorry Barkin sir . Salvi. My dear sister. Forgive me. Couldn’t protect. Salvi. .. Will be in Anagol. You said your last words,

Mr. Usman. So we should go to Anagol too.

Sir! Kommral is known by Abdel and David teachers. The news is not good. The army has gathered in the city of Anne. They can move at any time. What is your order, sir؟ We will start working as soon as possible. Be careful, Ayesha lady, you’re very tired. Now it’s sure you’re pregnant. Mother! Is it true that I heard, mother؟ My brother! Will I have a brother, mother؟ My beautiful mother! This is the gift of the father. You. So long be quiet؟ Why didn’t I tell, Mom؟ Lause mother. Rona is not a bad thing. Your cry is not because of ungratefulness. Rather because of desire and insurdity. Don’t deprive us of ourselves, mother! Who is left with you؟ Sir Timor! Sir Timor! Mother, speak my beautiful mother,

speak. – Son! – Mother! Son!

Al-Hamadallah! At first I was not sure. Didn’t want to believe. When Dai said: I’m pregnant, I ran to the tent. But I didn’t find your father, Lord Timor! No met. No met. My heart is burning very much. Too much burns. I was scared and couldn’t speak. For so long. Your father wanted a son like you. That’s what we’re waiting for. But your brother lost his father. Gandoz. My sun. Couldn’t know your son. They will not be able to see their son. This is the test, mother! This is our test. But don’t worry, my brother is trusting me. I know son, I know. My brave son! You have come up with a good news as you speak, mother!

Today is Eid Day for me, Mother. Beautiful mother!

Now the duty is waiting for me. I will go. But your beautiful voice will come back to hear, Mom! I will come back. Stay in law. Thanks, Mom! Dear dirty! It was not in your destiny. You don’t know. No you saw. But we will have another son. You wanted it a lot. Jerkotai is looking for marks, isn’t it, Connor Alp؟ Yes, of course. Torgot! Attab will calculate the death of Atab. Will die in pain. The Torgut Sahib has come out to go to the fort, approaching us. Let’s come. Coming to death. Torgot and the rest have come out to reach the fort. And Mustafa is going to stop their way. The time is over.  Usman will be wiped out from this land. The target of all arrows is clear. Usman. Survivors on one side can’t escape the rest. Jebe is waiting impatiently for the moment,

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 76 In Hindi Subtitles

Okay fine. Mongol savages do not wait long. Who are you؟ Who do your swords work for؟ Talking to you. Work for me. Torgot, Atabah’s killer. Now it’s time to calculate. Everyone has to be calculated. ambush! ambush! Spahio, break up. Torgot! Usman Sahib! Come on, Usman Sahib! The tricks made by foxes are nothing in front of the wolves. So you want revenge. But. But now I have come to my hand. Can’t kill me, I’m afraid of my dad, you, Usman Sahib! You can’t even touch me. The signs are heading to Swaghot.

He will be rewarded, Mr. Usman I can only be accountable to Allah.

It’s very difficult, sister.In Shaw Allah, Sister! Shabash. Spahio, get ready! Salvi! Sylvie, sister! Sister, Alaja. Kill everyone. Okay fine؟ I’m fine sister, okay. You were right. The enemies never end. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. As long as there are wolves, dogs will remain. Alaja, will step back. Salvi! Salvi! Spahio! Go after women. I’m not breathing, Mr. Usman. Son! Clearly, your teacher has deceived you.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 76 In Hindi Subtitles

Lying. It’s all your pride. Want to be the head of the Turks. Trying hard to get to it, Usman Sahib! Son, look. You know nothing. Obviously you have been deceived. Bear sister, bear. Come on in. Salvi! Alaja, protect Salvi. Women, will live here today or be martyred together. Sylvie, sister! Sister, sister, bear. bear. Salvi, I will take you to the tribe. Alaja, protect Salvi. Dare, Malhun! Salvi! Sylvie, Sylvie! Sister, sister, listen to me. Please don’t dare, Salvi! Wait, please, Salvi! Malhun! Are you well؟ My God, our sisters did not leave anyone. It’s not time to joke, it’s injured. Not kidding, Ms. I’m not kidding. Shabash, on this side. Come on, Spahio! Shabash. Hold the car quickly.

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