Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 81 In Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 82 In Hindi SubtitlesKurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 81 In Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 81 In Hindi Subtitles These people don’t even want to let men speak. I have also received the answer to my question, sir. Atab died, buried by the Chuban tribe. And the Byzantines are taking him out of the grave . When it comes to the future of the Turks. So all the Abyssinians unite. Shabash . Shabash Azo. Sir. Hit. Break down . Shabash . By Sangor. Ever since you were atab.

We did not fight together. Remember yes Or Allah. Soldier .

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 81 In Hindi Subtitles Our duty is to carry this body . Come on, let’s go. Come on then . There is definitely no trace. These humiliations are trying to hide it. That is, there is definitely a trace. Now take it. Arrive the tribe. Shabash . There will be differences between Ali and Usman of the Chuban tribe. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. Usman’s blood is enough of all of us, Romanos. Our revenge keys. There must be pieces. We will not stop even if the opposite happened.

Our attacks will continue until the end of Usman .

So keep the power of your soldiers. It will be needed. Then come. Jebe. What is the reason for this rudeness of your soldiers؟ Jebe will try to go without being fulfilled . So the cool sword of the Mongols will come down in his neck. We have fulfilled. You laid the net. Got gold. What more do you want now؟ Usman. It is not possible to do two four times the defeat of the tribe.


Will come to me. Usman is a wise man.

It can’t be called here so easily . Don’t forget that you have become an ally of the devil. Satan. I am Romanos. What’s going on in mind ؟ First confidence will win. The time has come. A. Timore. Forward. Come on, sit here. Sit down to your father, Gandoz Sardar . Shabash . Son, protect your father’s legacy. All their responsibilities are now handed over to you. Forward. My goal is to be the worthy son of my martyred father. Our purpose and heart are one. Absolutely.

Masha Allaah. You will be successful in your purpose,

Lord Timore. Now that the responsibilities have been achieved. get the stuff Samito and the castle, come on. Jodor. Which order . That is, a great kind of army is being prepared. The great war is being prepared. We have to punch this news to Usman Sahib without wasting time . Why stand up, come on . Of the living caste of Allah.Of the right of God. Write my letter to the sea. Sultan .

Well, that’s all, I’ll see. Usman has completely gone too far .

By saving Atab Ahmad’s killer, riots are spreading. And his bad intentions are showing Ali al-Aalan. I look forward to your orders to rein it . Prepare fast horses and reach the Sultan as soon as possible. The order, sir Baba. My wounds are fine. I want to meet with Barkin Sahib. Why do you want to meet him؟ He is also with Usman Sahib. Atab had great confidence in it, looked like friends . What will he do؟ Usman has saved this killer, so what can he do؟ Wouldn’t it be better to isolate Usman؟

When you meet us with Barkin Sahib, O’athman

will be completely alone . I will become the one who did not go to the blood of Atab. And believe that Barkin will help us in this matter. If so go. More than everything, first know the barkin sir. Then come and consult. Beware, don’t do anything alone. The order chapter.  Add! -Sir. Tell me, what are the situation, the wounds are deep؟ There is an arrow wound, sir, migher was toxic.

This poison makes man uneasy and does not kill.

That is why the Torgut Sahib did not consciously. That is, not the killer, the restraining earr has been injured, yes؟ So, how long will you be fine؟ It won’t take long, the antidote has been given and the wound has been cleaned . Sixty will stand soon. Thanks, thanks . You have studied well with Komral Abdal. Thanks . Sir. Jebe and his soldiers have come. I am also a Mongol prisoner. Usman Sahib . Rebellion and will, these are people. I have found them caught .

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 81 In Hindi Subtitles

the rest of the people. These were the people who attacked Ali Sahib’s caravan ؟ There are will, people are in trouble . No know what caravan has been attacked. Without playing their language, they cannot be handed over to me. Stay away. Usman Sahib . Torahan. stay. The brave man appears according to his glory . Displays by impossible work. I did not find a word out of their mouths despite my best . Maybe you’ll get out. Torahan . Put them in the referral tents .

The order, sir . Now I am allowed I go after the rest of the people.

If I have any news that benefits. So don’t hide from me. Your lily is beneficial, I’m also beneficial, Usman Sahib . The enemy is one . You will all go under the control of Usman. I will hand. With Usman, my work is done. To all of you. Will get a reward. Lots of gold. Lots of horses.  Blood will be shed. You have to keep your mouth shut.

Hungry, Piasa will be kept. I’m sure . Drink. Drink the stomach full. Blood, blood, blood. The slash women, the bagughot carrying equipment should be kept in this way. Sir . Jebe, there was doubt about it. Increased or reduced؟ no .

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