Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 82 In Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 82 In Hindi SubtitlesKurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 82 In Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 82 In Hindi Subtitles So now you will be called Aq Timor. Masha Allah. Masha Allah . Permission is the Holy Prophet؟ Come on. Sir. The chiefs of the tribe, want to meet you . That is, the heart’s tightness is not just that of you. Let’s come. Don’t see what’s going on ؟ Don’t see what trouble Uthman Sahib is making ؟ In pride, they can’t even see their mistakes. Not just ourselves, we’re all pulling towards Patal .

Look, go against Usman Sahib and don’t make any mistakes again.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 82 In Hindi Subtitles Stay calm and wait, Usman will know something. You, as much trust your husband as Usman Sahib, do not trust ؟ You know that. What are you saying؟ Always trusted you, standing with you. So don’t mind. Stand with your husband. I am with you . It is also my duty to protect my husband or us from falling into error. I made no mistake. Nor is there anything for yourself. Rather, I am doing the monument of the ancestors, the tribe and the lice that became to protect you.

You also do your best and stand with your husband.

Now tell me, I have to prioritize the reform of the Kezel tribe or the reform of the Qai tribe؟ Usman is going to set us on fire, not just us, but all the Turkmen tribes. So now tell the lady, the Kezel tribe or the Qai tribe ؟ If you, like me, are concerned about this tribe inherited from the ancestors. So now living in the Qai tribe, I will provide information. Welcome. Visited. The chief’s latitude is the place of advice. The thinking here will be avoided. It is clear that. You are bothering people.


Say, I’m listening. Usman Sahib, Chuban Oghlu’s

disagreement with the tribe’s Ali Sahib, will not be right in our favor at all . Correct . Not well . We came to help. Migris now stands against. There are good relationships between Mr. Ali Sahib and Sultan Aladdinuddin. If it reaches Sultan Aladdinuddin, we will get in great trouble, sir. Worryingly with trouble, hand over to the Torgut Sahib؟ No, the decision will be issued by the court. Be the chief who is lying against us or the Sultan . The right path is the same.

A person familiar with the right path never suffers from violence.

I can doubt the vision of my eyes So no one can come to the point and decide . Very good to say Connor sir, the Magar pagan enemy is preparing an army against us. We could stand against him with the help of Ali Sahib, Magar has now changed the situation. The court will be established and the word of justice will be above. Then Ali will stop his mistake and come with us again.

You guys are worried about the chief All your words are correct.

They have lost their hands with a huge alliance. Whose key is it beneficial؟ Obviously the enemy’s lily. We will still call the jirga in Syria and discuss the subject. And will decide. So you guys visit right now. The Mongols were attacking the caravans. Then Jebe here is Aphelacha. Don’t know whose it belongs. When did Mugar, we know it . So keep an eye on Jebe. The order that sir. Play tricks as much as you want. Take our helpers away from us as much as you want.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 82 In Hindi Subtitles

city of Anne, we have to get the city of Anne. The sound of the multiplication on the iron, above your voice, is blacksmith. You are teaching him to mention or he is teaching you, you can’t guess . Sabhan Allah . Listen, if you want to belly you with this hammer. Then it will be found whose voice is more loud. Give the stomach ؟ Of the living caste of Allah.Of the right of God. Of the living caste of Allah.Of the right of God. – Alive caste of Allah. -Luhar. Blacksmith, are you new here

I offer my services in each city, I meet the needs.

Simito and get ready. Well, soldier. Why is this poor man wrapping his luggage؟ That’s not just sir. I am coming from the field, all those familiar with the art of blacksmith and blacksmith will be taken from the city of Anne. We are bound by the order of the fortifier, we will come. So many blacksmiths, what will you do in the castle ؟ All horses will be replaced. Weapons will be prepared. Let’s just stop talking,

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