Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 84 In Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 86 In Hindi SubtitlesKurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 84 In Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 84 In Hindi Subtitles This dog’s death has provided me with enough information. Then that’s fine. Punish him quickly when you know him. So that the Qai tribe and the Kezel B. Olu tribe do not suffer such pain. But tell me, Mr. Ottoman.. Does this dog belong to Salvi’s death؟ Is that the only one؟ I will ask. Will ask everything.

Be absolutely careless. Since Jebe is dead.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 84 In Hindi Subtitles So the other person will open his mouth. Who will tell about the traitor؟ Romanos and Jebe. Work for the same person. Since Jebe is dead. So Romanos will tell. By the way. Outside enemies. And traitors inside. I will not be able to stop from winning, Mr. Barkin. We will take away from the cities of Anne. Mother! When will it start kicking؟ It’s too early, son. It’s small. As you ask, you don’t know.

What happened Be very excited. I know but not being patient,

mother. These Shawallah will grow up and arrive quickly. In Shallah, Aladdinuddin! In Shallah! Tayajan will be the child of Gandoz Sahib. I’m very sad. But he will also be our brother. I will hear him the stories of Tiyajan’s bravery. Absolutely. This is the test, Aladdin Al-Dan. Of course, the Sheikh grandfather must have told you. Every human test is different. My little bat with big heart.

Yes so!! Tell me. How are the exercises going

Ready to train against your mother؟ I am not in a position to draw a sword against the head of the sisters, Balakhaton, mother. I know my limit. -Othman! -Allahuddin! Dear Aladdinuddin! Come on. Come on. My wise son. How does it know that pulling a sword against the above woman is not an easy task. But. Their eyes are faster than the sword, son. Looks tired, Holy! no.

When I turn my hands on my children’s hair and look in their eyes. So fatigue does not remain. Aladdinuddin! -Tamara will be the second brother. -Absolutely, Baba. I’m waiting hard. Time is not going through quickly. Yes, that’s what I say. Time is not over. Every son enters my heart and settles with a different zeal. But me.. You love everyone. You guys always love each other and protect each other. My brother and older brother John, I have trust, Baba.


Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 84 In Hindi Subtitles

Mother! Ayesha Tai! Aren’t you hoping؟ What are you doing in the war؟ Don’t be afraid, my job is different. Aladdinuddin! Do you know how many wars your mother fought when you were in their stomach؟ That’s why your skills are. The learning process begins when you are in your mother’s stomach. This is not a big war, don’t worry. I will go with the sisters and protect your mother.

These may be the right peace of mind. In God!

Mashaallah, ladies! You are already ready. The upper hand, the one who is careful, is the benefit. Saying, but your arm is also hurt, mother! do not worry. Son are you wondering now؟ And saying: Why do we go to war in this situation؟ Mothers are tired. They suffer, but they do not lose courage. Why؟ Take a wake in a beautiful morning. It is up to you to stay here and pray for us. Absolutely. Pray. Pray that we come back to the right peace. Come on, I’m ready. Why are you waiting؟

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 84 In Hindi Subtitles

My beautiful daughter, didn’t we talk to you؟ You’re still baby. When the time comes, you will join the soldiers sisters with the above mother. But not yet. Ok go. You go, we will pray for you. Right, sister؟ Children should pray for their parents before the fight. You’re right, brothers! Pray that she will come back to the right peace. Go to the city of Anne and meet the Romanos. As you said, what you will meet him is a traitor. -In Shawallah! We will find, sir! –

In them Barkin can do nothing without your knowledge,

sir There is only one benefit in complete belief. We’ll know, we’ll know, Jerkotai You go to the top quickl My father will also cut your head after Torgot. You exceeded your limit. Why are you worried؟ No need to be beaten to be be beheaded, Connor Wait for your turn, just We were saying that we would move forward. Your father will come and stand behind us. He was a dog named Atabay Ahmad to you. Joe went and began to cooperate with the enemy. So that Ali does not stand behind us.

Of course will, after all, he is an enemy.

This is its nature. But do you know, what’s worse؟ Eye to go to the fire. Forget your purpose for your emotions and interests. Collaborating with the devil and facilitating the work of the enemy, without knowing what they are doing. Fortunately, there are very few people like you in the Turks. All the Turkmen came and stood behind us. They encourage and pride our victory.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 84 In Hindi Subtitles

Spahio, on horses. Sir Timor! I love your father and uncle. But if they are making a game for me. So the first head that will fall is yours, know it. Sir, they are coming. Ali sir! Usman Sahib! Hurry up, hand over my son and Torgut Sahib. Be patient first. Just be patient. City of Anne The army is ready, get on the way. Commander Romanos is waiting, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up. Blacksmith!

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