Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 85 In Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 85 In Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 85 In Hindi Subtitles Women’s medical and pathways, yes؟ These are very important information . Immediately  Mustan Sahib must be reached. Immediately . Accept Condolences Barkin Sahib – Thank you Accept Condolences Barkin Sahib – Thank you Accept condolences Barkin Sahib Hussam Alden.

Sir. Immediately reach Romanos Tell him that.

Usman will be attacking the city of Anne. With close soldiers . Will stay in the Akbeck area. This time. He managed to kill Usman. And say that. O fell this time failed to kill Usman . So Barkin will not let him go in the possession of Usman . Will kill yourself . Come on, see what you’re going to do؟ Barkin sir. Her dog. I’m going to snatch you from me .

Not Jebe was Salvi. Rather, the one who does this is the Qai tribe.

Will take everyone’s lives. Usman. Qai people. Even this nakme will know Romanos. You will be avenging, Salvi. Promise you. Promise you that . No one will leave anyone alive. Will kill Usman. To his wives. To her children. You promise Salvi. I will end everyone. My dear! Mother! Sardar Baba! Sylvie Aunt will not return. Ah my innocent daughter! Prepare my sword quickly, Chief Baba. Sylvie will take revenge on her aunt. Come on, come on. Come here. Son! Bring them.

My dear! Daughter! Give me. I’ll see first. the best! Son!

Mashaallah! I wish. Since you made it. So this is to make it (Fatama ) you yourself. I have made this together with Aladdindin’s brother, sister. For you. May Allah Almighty agree with you, Brother John. This is the right thing to your hand. Come on, Shabash. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 85 In Hindi Subtitles Kiss your brother’s hand. Be careful, daughter! Okay fine؟ Pull your sword only against the enemy. Don’t get rid of it before your education is completed so that you don’t get hurt. You made your promise, Chief Baba. Now you must also make your promise, dear daughter.. Be such a good sister of your brother. That is not jealousy.


Usman Sahib! The soil on earth and the gouk leg in the sky

are my witness( almost). I swear I’m Pishman. My only purpose was to sleep. Not looking at my condition؟ I beg you. I request the Lord of the Rings to forgive me, Mr. Usman. The hungry man does not care who is working for. Stand here like a dog. But whenever you open your mouth, dirt flows through your mouth. The dog’s heart barks loudly when he gets caught in the trap. You are also stuck in this cage. But, can I tell you one thing؟ From now on, your words have not been important.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 85 In Hindi Subtitles

to your soldiers. And how he fought alongside you like a Turk, Usman Sir. Like trusting them and mixing them with them.. Believe me too and have mercy on me, Mr. Usman. You will have an oveCome on. Sir! Usman’s nephew, Aq. Timur, has come. The news has been brought. Aq Timur, my son’s killer. You killed my son. Kill him. I did not kill your son. Your son is alive..

I brought you the news from Usman Sahib.

I came here as an envoy. From now on, my life is trusting you. Where is my envoy, Lord Timor؟ Dog!! They have prepared without any reduction. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 85 In Hindi Subtitles From Aznick, Ashab and Hakim have brought women. I should go and get this news to Usman Sahib. Be safe. But I will not leave this Hussamuddin dog. Stay winning! Jerkotai! May Allah open your way. Don’t touch your feet to the ground ( Go to Tazi ). You are safe. They are endangered their lives on enemy soil for war.

May Allah be pleased with both of you. Shabash.

Congratulations Jihad! Now I should go. Hurry up, hurry up. Is your heart cool؟ Salvi’s death. There is a fire that will burn my heart all my life. But. Knowing that if my sweetheart’s breath is cut off. So that dog won’t even breathe. It feels comfortable, Mr. Usman. But I didn’t get what I wanted. There is a traitor in my subject chiefs. Collaborating with Jebe.

When this is the situation. So why did this dog kill؟ We would have opened the mouth of this alien and crushed his head, sir. Are you burning your tribe in the fire to cool me down؟ Probably. I didn’t get the reason. Or

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