Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 87 In Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 95 In Hindi SubtitlesKurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 87 In Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 87 In Hindi Subtitles There is also a limit to being fearless from death . Now. Let’s see if it hurts. Will your intellect reach the daunting sword؟ Today your intelligence is going to be tested . Now Bolo. I am a wolf surrounded by foxes. Spahio! We are dead! Net inside the net, yes؟ You have to be more wise here. This was the last, sir.

No more left. Thanks. Now collect all the weapons.

Don’t leave anything. Included, Torahan . Alte will be surrounded by hand. Mager warning no mistake. We are the basis of the game. The order that sir! The order that sir! Spahio! We will enter on the right. Usman Sahib’s game will be the last day of the oppressors today. Let’s change the dress. The order, sir . Everything is going best. You don’t see yourself ؟ You will do such pieces that no one will find a trace. Without killing Usman, death will not come, let’s get up. Sir,

I am following them . Your swift, black spots on the faces

of the Mongols. I was called a traitor . Migram now they are all in the graves . What a roar. Major serious injuries. You’re nothing less, including. Brother, standing in front, taking care of your back . I, too, my brother . Usman!! Yes, Usman. If left with a stone, he hit the rock. Finish everyone who comes back. Romanos. You will die in my hands. Will not be saved. Kafro. First you guys, then your commandant, come. We arrived young. Right is Allah . I will not die without seeing them take the last breath. All soldiers have been killed. Mager Room always takes revenge. Commandant Romanos.

Yes. We have to live in this mother. So what was the

alliance with his family Romanos, yes؟ Yes, what is less؟ He was forced to survive. Everything is out of hand . If you want to live. So, I have to tell you everything Yes, if you live, that’s all you need. I will do what I have to live. Now me . From the tribe, tell me about the traitor who delivered the news to Romanos؟ Can’t tell, because not told. I don’t know Usman Sahib . I have never been trusted, Mr. Usman. Didn’t say, don’t know me . And the heart was very burdened. That is,


the ambush place was determined by the will of Barkan Sahib.

Then Ahmed was killed and charged with Torgot Sahib. And so Ali, who became friends, became enemies. By removing everyone, we want to be alone . For so many years, he has been friends and deceived the enemy. Who was skeptical of such a traitor. And Sylvie, did she know her husband was a traitor؟ I don’t think. If dying, they will not lie. He said his heart before he died. She considered her husband sincere with the tribe. Ah, my dear sister, ah . Don’t know what else this traitor has done؟ My unfortunate sister. Come on, let’s go to Usman Sahib, I couldn’t tell them. Come on,

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 87 In Hindi Subtitles

Confidentiality. Holy, we were coming to you . Tell me, then particle. Holy Prophet, Salvi has been given important information before he dies. Don’t worry, it won’t stop long here . Ali came to give a message. Mager You started working with Usman Sahib Kalay. Talk consciously . Forced, done nothing voluntarily. That’s all there is to mind. I didn’t just have to trust you, Mr. Usman. I had to . That is, Barkin is asking to be a traitor, yes؟ Salvi himself has confessed. He told Barkin to go to the Anagol of Torgot. It is clear that Barkin sent a message to his friend Ahmed. Good.

What more did the Sylvie woman say What Barkin did,

the tribe did. She was correct . Mager was not satisfied. Continued to apologize. That is, there was a sense of crime. That is, he has done something big. Sir . From the trap laid against Torgot Sahib, can Barkin have to do something؟ Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. According to Sylvie, Ahmed was his friend . Killed your own friend  What about the woman, the betrayal of the Sylvie can be proof؟ For years it has been with us. No mistake was made.

Now why would betray؟ Now he has done so with his eyes . So Ahmed can kill too. Yes absolutely. What matters is the reason of the traitor ؟ There will be some plan. Everyone will know. We will lay nets against Barkin Octamor . Go to Ali Sahib with Bai Sangor. Connor . You will hand over Mustafa and Torgot sir. And you Jerkotai . Will keep an eye on them well. If treacherous. So it will definitely send the news . The order that sir. Sir. The envoy is still imprisoned. What to do ؟ Let’s stay here.

Let the game be here until it’s complete The order sir Visit .

I apologize sir I am the one who brought this traitor to the tribe . No Malhoun, you have nothing to do. He has turned out to be a deceiver. Don’t give yourself a shower. Mager now we have to pay the last duty of Sylvie. Shabash . All matters are in the hands of the forefathers and the Romans. The number of soldiers is growing day by day . From Aznek, women are coming to Paths Pastri and Medicaid.

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