Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 92 In Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 95 In Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 92 In Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 92 In Hindi Subtitles Whenever I looked at Süleyman… I saw you, Brother. He had the same crazy eyes as you. Hot-headed, reckless, blunt. Whenever I missed you… I looked at… Süleyman, my son. Such is fate. He died and is buried in the cold, black earth. Allah. Though it was long ago, the things you said when we left still ring in my ears. “It falls on us to remember the good old days, Brother.” That’s what you said. Brother. –

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 92 In Hindi Subtitles

brother. Give me your blessing. You have it. We know only too well how much it hurts to lose a loved one,  My father. Halime. Süleyman. Many loved ones. We’ve buried friends we considered brothers. Brother… in the face of all these troubles, we managed to bear the pain. Now we have one last duty to fulfill for those we have entrusted to the cold, black earth. For their sake, we will grow our brotherhood…

just as the tree we planted will grow. Very good,

Brother. Very good. And then, the memory of the ones we have buried in the earth will shine like the stars in the heavens. The wind in that dark blue sky will be our freedom. But it’s all over now. Only our brotherhood remains. Thank God for your strength. You’re always by my side in my darkest days, Brother. I thank God that when I look at your face.. I can still see my Süleyman.


Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 92 In Hindi Subtitles

but our roots will always be the same, Brother. Our roots take nourishment from those we have buried in the black earth. Well said, Brother. Well said. Mergen. You, huh? – Peace be upon you. – And upon you. What would you share with this merchant from distant lands? We can split my bread if you’re hungry. Go ahead. Thank you. If your soul is hungry, you may share our cause. They will soon be smuggled into Anatolia and handed over to you. Thank you. Come on, brothers. Arıkbuka! Mergen.

Who is this Arıkbuka Hülagü Khan’s eyes and ears

in Anatolia. He’s one of his most feared spies, my bey. If Arıkbuka is here, he must have followed us. There’s no other explanation. He must know everything. Torumtay! You and Ertuğrul Bey will listen to me now. You’ll surrender or you’ll die! Ertuğrul Bey, hidden in my clothes is a document which details how and where you can get the weapons and gold sent by Berke Khan. My patience has run out, Ertuğrul! We won’t take orders from you. Subtitle translation by Berk Meydanlı

We have died out, İlbilge. They destroyed us.

Beyhood is not about gender.  but about valor. You don’t have that. Now, your blood… will save our lineage’s honor. Your leash is broken. Your masters’ time will also come. Until the likes of you are wiped out… this war won’t end. Until the veins of treachery are dried out… my sword won’t rest. The wounds were for my nephew Süleyman… and the people you have oppressed until today. This is for Turgut. I told you the only thing you’d see before you died would be my eyes. Any word about Turgut, Abdurrahman? My bey…

Dumrul, Mergen and all the other alps there

were martyred. Turgut Bey was heavily wounded. He is at the camp. You came just in time, İlbilge Hatun. Now, take his body to the camp. Tell the people.that the traitor has been dealt with. Give him a proper burial. You are in charge now. What will you do? They lured my brother Gündoğdu into a trap. I have to get to him before something bad happens. Come on alps, to the horses. Mother Hayme. Tell me, my brave boy. Tell your mother. My bey… Has my bey returned,

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 92 In Hindi Subtitles

Hold on, my Turgut. Hold on. You’ve been through much worse, my brave boy. You’ll get through this too, God willing.  We became water. You gave us water. We flowered. A day came… when we faded. We became ashes. You fanned the flames. You became our stove. We had no branches… you became our knot. Nobody loved us

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 92 In Hindi Subtitles

you became a mother to me. I can never repay you, Mother. I can’t. I’d die for you. There is no debt, my son. I did. what a mother should do for her sons. It is I who can’t repay you. You knew no night… no day…

no snow, no hurricane. you fought  put your life on the line. for the honor of our tribe… of our banner. Now… with God’s permission. get back up.as soon as possible, to fight again. My body.might heal.without seeing my bey

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