Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 1 In Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 1 In Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 1 In Hindi Subtitles What should I leave for them? It must be something they will recognize. When your brother finds a piece of you, kurulus osman season 4 trailer I wonder how quickly he’ll get here. To find out whether you’re dead or alive he’ll rush here as if he’s lost his mind. You’re only inviting… your own death. It’s my job to play with death. Let’s leave him a sign then.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 99 In Hindi Subtitles

some blood. Do it like I said. Choose the location wisely, I don’t want them getting here before dawn. It’s time to get some sleep before my prey arrives. kurulus osman season 4 episode 1 in urdu atv May I come in, sister? Come in, Sırma. What’s going on, sister? You’ve posted additional guards everywhere. The usual precautions, Sırma. Nothing for you to worry about. Abdurrahman and other Kayı alps being here is not usual, sister. What’s going on? I have a right to know. Ertuğrul Bey. What about Ertuğrul Bey?

Has something happened to him? Ertuğrul Bey has been captured.

The entire frontier is on alert. That’s why I’ve taken extra precautions. Who would dare do something like this? Who could capture Ertuğrul Bey? The Mongols. The Mongols? – How do you know? – Abdurrahman Alp told me, Sırma. What will we do? I’ll do whatever’s necessary. You should continue to attend to your work. As you wish, sister. You pursued the wrong things, Ertuğrul.

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If you had been on the right side, the Mongols wouldn’t be here and… you wouldn’t be in this state. I would sacrifice my life to remain true to my cause, Albastı. kurulus osman season 4 episode 1 in urdu Those who have set you on this course will lead our state into the abyss. They will destroy it, and traitors like you will help them. I knew the state before I knew my father, Ertuğrul. There is no place I’ve not fought,

bled and killed for this state. I’ve even put up with.

the Mongols for it. And you think I will destroy it? This state… didn’t raise the kind of traitor who would raise his sword against his own people. Those who you believe are the state… are the wolves who gnaw at the tree. I put my back against that tree to keep it from toppling. kurulus osman season 4 episode 1 in urdu geo tv My bones cracked under the burden. I’ve put up with everything to save it from being crushed under Mongol boots. It’s those who you believe to be the state who left us all alone, Ertuğrul.

A jackal can’t lead a pack of wolves, Albastı.

Because you chose treachery and put your own pride above everything, you now stand alone. You now run with hyenas. But  remember that  when the haze clears from the field all you will see will be our claws. Who are you, Ertuğrul? Who is the power behind you? Scorpion. kurulus osman season 4 episode 1 trailer A scorpion approaches. How did you know that that scorpion was there? Being strong isn’t just a matter of being tough, you also have to be sensitive. Sensitive enough to sense a scorpion coming towards you while you sleep. The sky god Tengri made even the deadliest creatures useful for something. This scorpion will help us.

Our men left the scrap of clothing Good, then a feast

of blood awaits us after dawn. Take this scorpion. Extract its poison. When Gündoğdu arrives it might prove useful to me. You’ll soon be seeing your brother, Ertuğrul. And you’ll be seeing your blood brother Alıncak soon. There will indeed be blood after the red dawn. kurulus osman season 4 release date Swords will determine who drowns in it. True. But you won’t be here to see it. Take him and leave before dawn. Go to my secret cave and wait there. Just in case. He must not be here during the fight. I’ll lure Gündoğdu here and trap him. Will you still not speak, Ertuğrul? Speak, to prevent your brother being tortured like you.

The power that could make me speak has not yet been born.

The torture that could break me has not yet been devised. You can hold your head up now. But what will you do when you become tired? Show us their tracks. kurulus osman season 4 episode 1 har pal geo Allah, show us their tracks. Allah, show us their tracks, show us their tracks, Allah. Where are you, my bey? My bey, my bey. My bey! No, no. There’s no sign of them. No tracks! Nothing! There’s no sign of them! My bey is gone and there are no tracks. Bamsı. Gündoğdu Bey.

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