Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 101 In Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 78 In Hindi SubtitlesKurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 101 In Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 101 In Hindi Subtitles Didn’t tell what they want؟ No, Pasha. . High We have made a good start today. You have become Pasha’s assistant. Go halehadras, and take care of yourself. Don’t show me my case like this now. Murad Afandi, how do we get your Sharaf loan؟ . Asad Pasha Where to where؟ The Sultan ordered it.

Home Minister Your responsibility is heavy and important,

May Allah be the age of the Sultan. They considered me worthy – Amen- I had been thinking for a long time. Seven generations ago we were in Istanbul. But. Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 101 In Hindi Subtitles But there was no minister from our family. This is destiny. . Murad offind Sometimes you are not a minister but you become richer than the men of the Ottoman Empire. You even start lending to the empire.

What can I serve on your visit؟ Something is going on,

Jamil Istanbul is very calm. All the places are quiet, smellHe will base a bank. And he offered me to be his founder. Tell me exactly what he said؟ A bank that is in line with the power of the Ottoman Empire. That’s all he said. ؟ Lara is not sad anywhere. But Lara has the right to know about it.  I should have known one step later today. Did you understand؟ Got it – do I need to know anything else Boris Sahib – Tahu is delicious, be safe in your hands Comfortable son, how fast is this؟ Are you a watchmaker Arnaud Jintah؟ Come on, I’m – I’m Mustafa Ghalata’s adviser Can you tell me which watchmaker can make such a watch

Show me just see. Hurry up teacher,

hurry up Dear teacher, we have no time to waste. Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 101 In Hindi Subtitles This is a matter of life and death. Very high, I have seen such very few watches in my life. Who makes such watches – this is an enforcement workmanship Despite his young age, he shows a high workmanship from forty-year-old expert Estadans. He is a very expert watchmaker.

The bridge barra watch is also made of it.

This is his greatest agadi ability. As far as I heard, he was suffering from tuberculosis in the last days. Bechara, lame with one leg. Where is the teacher in force? – On the top hang- She is a tenant of a woman named Siddhaka. It’s been a long time since. Whenever I look at Lara. You are in my heart. And it bothers me a lot.

The car is ready, Mr. Zaharias. Murad is in the Orient Tower.

Lara’s mother. Very similar to your mother in her beauty. Give me your dagger. I should have done it long ago. What will we do with children؟ Don’t leave them witnesses. Burn the house. So that no evidence is children. Clean the animal’s odor in the mud all day. Will that be what I will do. Inside and out is full of animal odor. Measurement of your height. Well then؟Have we been teased your chicken؟ Your time is full.

I can’t let you live when I’m dying. I will punish you in this life.

Now it’s your turn, Zaharias Well, sir Have you come to us to drink؟ The heart wants to talk right now. A man named Reh Ahmed received extortion from you. And today we got this watch from his body. Rehi Ahmed, Fawad, Najati, all of them have been killed. Our caretaker is here. Are the conditions favorable؟ What happened inside؟ It was the sound of weapons. The compliment did not accept our offer, what we did was necessary. Hey dishonest, dishonest Of course you can do that. Did you kill the whole family


Hammadi- If the compliment had accepted our offer.

So they were all happy. We could not leave them as witnesses. And so if the news of this incident spreads, you will go to your head. It was just a job. And you know better. This was my last thing to do with you, don’t come to me again. Help me, help me Help me the baby is dying, help me. It is very injured to quickly bring the equipment, it must be treated. Forgive me, son Forgive me.

Where is this Siddhaka sister’s house, brother

Hello, Aunt – Bolecom Pb- Is Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 101 In Hindi Subtitles  the watchmaker the house of the implementation here؟ Son yes dear, this is where the law is here, are you his friend؟ I’m looking for them, I’m Gihalata’s adviser Mustafa. Isn’t it at home؟ No son, he’s been from morning. I want to search her room.

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