Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 16 In Hindi Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu In Hindi Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 16 In Hindi Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 16 In Hindi Subtitles What is Muslim’s biggest war? It is a war with his soul. O Mashallah! So are you ready to fight with the nafs? Alhamdulillah sheikh. [Music player] Tell. Sir, Osman he found out about our secret route. Osman secret route? How could Osman know something that only you and I know? How? Can you tell me Simon? I don’t know sir, I don’t know. My soldiers, my weapons All gone. I will kill him. You cannot do anything. You can’t do anything or anything. With this traitor inside you, you can’t do anything Simon, nothing.

Answer who? Tell me who. When will the new goods arrive.

The new caravan is on its way. We’ll take it tonight. Hitch? That Turkish merchant. With my aide. Damn. That idiot must have betrayed us. Good. Then you must know who you have to kill before Osman now. Huh Simon? Shall we attack, sir? Simon! Simon! To whom, to what do you think I am giving all this ammunition? Whereat? ha! in vain? We will not do anything openly. And nothing. Do you understand, Simon? Did you understand? Get out, Simon. Exit. Fools! Is there any Destur, sir? come on.

My Bey, the man of the tekfur came from the other Hisar.

[Tension sound] Let it come. I bring the greetings of Basileus, the Tekfur of Yarhisar. Tekfur Basileus wants his daughter Holofira. Please don’t give me. Please. As you can see Holofira is our guest. And he said what he had to say. He doesn’t want to come with you. But Osman Bey -Tekfur Basileus! -Get out of my way! Thank you. The Emperor has never been seen to be involved in the marriage of the Tekfurs. Holofira tell me everything from the beginning. You blessed the table of Mr. may you exist. Today, Osman Bey asked a question at his toy.

Mr. Barkın our oba is as fertile as your table.

Likewise, our number of Alps. Ergun Bey says right. Our Alpine numbers outstrip most of the camps. We are able to protect the market, including Söğüt. Thanks. -Thanks. -Thank god. You made me very happy. Thank you but let’s see who says who has the Turkish fortune? Our loyalty is to whose table we fill our stomach. Tük’s fortune is in Barkın Bey. Barkin Bey. We are behind Barkin Bey. We are behind Barkin Bey. Is there a Destur, sir? come on. Well, Mr. Ganja tell me about what you did in your father’s home, brother. Well, we fired those cruel enemies like brothers and dogs.

Herds of dogs never expected we fought hard enough,

it didn’t open our eyes how we avenged the innocent. The oppressors have remembered, brothers if you raise your hand to the oppressed this is what you will see. Let your brother hit the wire of the kopuz may our souls abound. Oh MashAllah! Is there a Destur, Osman Bey? Come on bro. We have no time. I wouldn’t have come in the middle of the night if it wasn’t so important, Osman Bey. Nope. Tomorrow you are invited to the wedding of the Tekfur of Yarhisar and the Tekfur of Becek. Don’t go, huh. They set a trap. They will kill you. Satan! I’ve been helping him all this time.

How many times have I saved his life? But he sucked raw milk raw.

The devil has an army, but we have a friendship like a door. Goodbye Kosses. I will not forget this favor. Thanks. Well will you sleep? You left without time, you came without time. I slept. I just waited. But no matter what, you still came. I keep my word, Barki. How? Did he say you’re leaving, sir? I liberated Jerusalem. Now it’s time to save Rome. So how are they there? Argun is dead. Geyhatu took over. He is resting in pleasure. He has no eyes for war. If you are asking about these lands you will help me. I can no longer be İbrahim Faki. I built that trust very hard. .

Just to destroy Osman. Tell me what will I do?

First you will tell me about the tribe. Who what happened? Empowered! Iron from Nikola’s mine where does it go? I’ve been wondering this for years. But I couldn’t find it. Barkin! Did the light dazzle you? He blinded you. Remember, those in the dark always see! What will our move be? Our move!.. to solve this problem radically. Osman Becek will also be killed at the wedding. If Osman is going to be killed, what would you do with the mines? Barkin for you! For you. for the state. What will I do? Osman will die.

Their children will die. Kosses will die.

You will take Söğüt and you will be the sole ruler of the Turks. The wedding was set up for us. What do you say, sir? Is it a trap or not? They’ll try to kill us at the wedding but to lure us in they’ll slaughter the Holofira. Wow! After all these years they decided to attack now, sir? What kind of father is he to use his son as a tool for such a dirty game? Of course, they couldn’t afford it openly they’ve been docked all these years. Just to get behind us, Osman Bey. Hey Bey! You used to say information is everything. Then we don’t give Holofira. We also do not ship the goods. At the first opportunity, we will organize an expedition to Becek.

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