Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 17 In Hindi Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu In Hindi Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 17 In Hindi Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 17 In Hindi Subtitles He’s really stuck, your return pleased. [Laughter] Because I don’t like peace. You were right about Kosses. It would be best to kill him. So my men and half their soldiers set up an ambush. Kosses He was always close to Osman from the very beginning. He just didn’t know we knew it. Well, I couldn’t take such a risk either. That wedding will be bloody. It will also bring the end of Osman. Allah-u Akbar Allah-u Akbar Allah-u Akbar. Essalamu Aleykum ve Rahmetullah ve Esselamu Aleykum ve Rahmetullah.

Your departure has prolonged this process considerably.

I left this land to Barkın and you. When I came back, I found you both stronger than before, Nikola. When Osman dies Barkın will take over Söğüt. Barkın He who holds the willow holds the reins of the Turks. Do you think the other gentlemen will obey Mark as well? He’s been working on just that for decades. Believe me. Mark is as valuable as Osman in the eyes of the tribes. Beautiful. Then it will be finished today. No. If you don’t cut down a tree it will sprout again, Nikola.

We will dig up its roots. We will take your children.

I will kill them in front of Osman’s eyes in Bilecik . And when all this is over everyone will swear allegiance to their Mark and Mark’s to us. Nobody comes in [Thriller music plays] What happened to my ammunition? Sir, the caravan It looks like your ammunition is dusty, Nikola. Thank you for coming along, Justinyanus. It had been a long time since we had met each other. It was. I give this stillness to the excitement of the wedding. Wedding excitement You’re right Kosses. You look so much like your uncle.

Whenever I see you my uncle Rogatus comes to mind first.

My old friend He was a very good warrior and a very loyal friend. What? Why? I thought you thought of me as one of the family . You were my uncle’s friend. You’re my friend too, but I don’t want you to come to my wedding. [Laughter] I get it, Justinian, I won’t be at your wedding. But will you tell me why? No reason, Kosses. If you want to give me a wedding present not coming would be the greatest gift. I understand.

Osman? Will Osman come? Trap They set a trap for Osman.

Thanks to Hak Çalab. He brought us back to the blessed Ramadan. Thank you. Let’s hope He will be pleased with us let’s say goodbye to Ramadan, the light of our eyes. Amen, my brother sheikh. Do you know what the Messenger of Allah says for this month? It says: when the month of Ramadan comes the gates of heaven are opened, the gates of hell are closed, and the stray devils are put in chains. And you say: when the devils are chained, sin is not committed in this month. Since it is the devil who confuses us that keeps us in our way, there is no one standing in our way.

For the believer, it is time to relax.

But a person who looks around even just one glance at himself indulges in a thousand and one sins again. Remember my sheikh grandfather If the Messenger of Allah said that the devils are bound, he is bound. Then what is it that causes these sins? Our nafs, my prince, is our soul . That; more cunning than the devil. Our Lord binds the devils in this month but it’s up to us to bind our souls. My sheikh How is the nafs tied? How is it treated? I’ll hit the neck of all the infidels but I can’t hit the neck of my soul.

Every person’s nature inclination is different. For example For some

it is difficult to pray for some it is difficult to fast. While it is difficult for some to give zakat for some, going on an expedition gets bigger, and going on a pilgrimage is difficult. First, we’ll go back and look at ourselves. Whichever of these is more difficult for us we’ll be busy with it the most. Except for the obligatory ones we will increase the number of vain acts. We will give zakat out of obligation so that we can restrain the stinginess of our nafs . We will perform voluntary prayers so that we can get rid of our nafs’ arrogance. After Ramadan we will increase the circumcision fasts so that we can get rid of our nafs lust.

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