Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu In Hindi Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu In Hindi SubtitlesUyanis Buyuk Selcuklu In Hindi Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu In Hindi Subtitles You are not as cowardly as your uncle Rogatos. For years at the behest of the emperor, the ongoing peace in the region. It will end tonight. They will not be touched. I will be waiting. To their men, women, but also to Usman. You can kill everyone with fun. First you have to find out where the children are. Without clear information, those who intend to kill us will not go to the humiliation.

It is clear that this is part of their attack.

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu In Hindi Subtitles If precautions were taken during the marriage. So they would like us to blindly attack in anger. We have left for the acquisition of the Baljic Castle. Our children were abducted. That is, they want to deal with their work. Mager Ourpas has no known for success. We are inside the trap, Mr. Usman. You will see the Torgot sir. Before it gets dark, the children will be in our possession.

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And the cataract fortress must have happened to us.

Justinianos has shocked us by telling them about their performance. The girl Hologfera has been sent to the tribe with soldiers. So we move on to our ownership. To date, many enemies have arrived at the gates of Rome. Arab, Mongol and how many savage people do not go. No one could get so close. Be the ashes that come near us. Today we are always making the Turks our guest. Usman’s children are in our possession. She is also about to reach our wedding.

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They will be attacked at Aftar’s table.

No distinction will be made between women, children and the elderly. Everyone in and out of the castle will die. Who wants to shed the blood of the Turks؟ Sir, Usman and his caravan are about to reach the fort. Tell me in detail, Seljan Woman. Who has kidnapped the princes؟ According to Bai Sangor Alp, he covered his face, Sheikh. Years ago, those were humiliated.

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu In Hindi Subtitles

Mikhail Kosis has deep wounds, it is important to treat. Spahio, immediately take the healing box, Shabash. Usman found children؟ Will find them, Allah, Mother. The one who injured Kosus was his commander. May Allah protect our princes from oppression. And you guys pray princes and Kosis Kaila. Or may Allah protect our children. It can’t happen if Mager is disappointed with Allah.

On his servant Kos, he rained his mercy.

In the name of his apostle, Muhammad Mustafa (, Muhammad al-TAG1>. In the name of his apostle, Jesus Clem Allah ( Elijah ). He healed the wounds of this wounded servant. And heal him or the Lord. The printing space is nearby. Gradually, their numbers are growing. They will be looking for their turtles. This evening you will be decorated with a special table of people.

Iftar will get married Until then you can make

a restorations in your rooms if you want. Just relax. You visit me, Mr. Usman. The new iron came, it became great. This iron swords will be strong. Our intentions are good. Mother! Ok you؟ Your face is yellow. Run! Bring water, mother. I’m fine daughter! Okay fine. Breathe and back to haunt. Zahra! Take Hologfira to the tent..

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu In Hindi Subtitles

Mother! You are not well. I inspect you with Hakim. I know my time is getting tight. – I go to Komral Abdal. -Beatho, Betty. Have done my best. But I wish not to die before the return of the Usman and the children. I waited a long time for this victory, daughter. Don’t, please don’t, wait. Death is not my right until the beloved Usman wins and returns.

But listen to me carefully If I can’t stand it

and the time comes.. So there are clothes bags in the ark. Give it to my grandchildren, right؟ Those who want to make this fort a tomb for us should ruin their plans. I don’t like the bloodshed of the infidels at all. I fall but the sword does not fall. To take this sword from me,

they have to cut my arm. The sword is more than human, Jerkoti. Bamsi’s swords observed many temples. Mashaallah! You are protecting trust in a good way. He is also giving it the right. And if you did.